Food Is Just Food

Apparently there are two types of people – those who “eat to live” and those who “live to eat”. Admittedly, in my dieting days I lived to eat. In fact every meal became like the last supper, because I was either cheating on my diet, or getting ready to start a new one on Monday. Either way, I misused food because I looked to it to provide me with love, passion, fun and excitement in my life, when, truth is, it could never fulfill me in that way. Food was a poor substitute for what I really craved. Click here to purchase from NHS Heroes

Moving to France and dating a Frenchman helped me see how I was misusing food. When my Frenchman Frederic told me quite bluntly that “you think food is the answer to everything”, it was a wake-up call. He was right and the truth hurt!

The True Purpose of Food

I had to ask myself why I felt compelled to eat, even when I wasn’t hungry. I guess it was a well-ingrained habit stemming from my childhood. Once I became aware of my habit though, I was able to set about changing my relationship with food.

Let’s remember that the sole evolutionary purpose of food is to nourish and keep us alive. The fact that food tastes delicious is so that we’ll continue to eat it and stay alive. In ancient times, the relationship between us and food was simple – eat and live – don’t eat and die.

False Messages

These days, things are quite different. We are constantly being sold a false message about the meaning of food – reward, comfort, passion, euphoria, love and solace. We expect it to do something fabulous for the way we feel, to enhance our mood and even make us look like the models in the ads.

By believing this message, we often turn to food with all its artificial expectations and away from real human connection, which is what we’re really craving. Have you ever turned to a tub of ice-cream instead of crying on a friends shoulder? Ever had cheesecake on a Saturday night instead of a date? I know I did.

What Do You Really Crave?

The first step out of this false relationship with food is to realize that food is, well, just food. It is incapable of giving us anything beyond sustenance and occasional pleasure. The second step is to look for what we really crave elsewhere through hobbies, passions, relationships and spirituality. When you connect with yourself deeply and fully, you get better at identifying your true needs. In time you’ll get better at knowing what you really need when that need is not food.

Pure Sleep Review And Why To Consider It

Pure Sleep is defined as a mandibular advancement device also known as MAD. It works by holding the jaw in a forward position. Doing this reduces the risk of your tongue collapsing in your throat causing a partial obstruction of the airway. When the airway is kept clear, your soft tissues won’t vibrate, and no vibration means no snoring. A pure sleep device comes in two pieces. First, you have an upper and lower piece that can be connected using one of these settings. A PureSleep device can help you prevent further problems involving sleep apnea and snoring disorders.

These are some of the factors you have to consider when buying a pure sleep device

Definition of pure sleep

This device is a prescription mouthpiece marketed as a treatment for snoring. This self-molded retainer is said to be recommended by doctors and dentists for several years as an effective means to reduce snoring and sleep apnea.

How does it work

Pure Sleep uses a mandibular repositioning technique wich gently holds the lower jaw forward of its normal position while you´re asleep. This process simply opens the airway enough so that air moves through unobstructed. When the air passage is free, there is no more snoring and vibration. A pure sleep device is an upper and lower piece that is joined in three settings depending on your bite. Finally, once the pieces are connected, the device is boiled to soften and make it pliable so it can be molded into your mouth for a more custom fit.


  • Customizable: The unit is adjustable by multiple setting at the time it is custom-fitted.
  • FDA. Cleared: It has gain clearance from FDA for reducing snoring in adults
  • Sound concept: Pure sleep uses a technique that is already clinically proven to open the airway passages that reduces snoring.
  • These devices typically last from six to nine months unless you grind
  • Air holes allow you to breathe through your mouth.


  • Once molded, settings can’t be changed
  • Take  two weeks to arrive when ordered on the internet
  • Cleaning takes more effort than some other mouthpieces
  • This device might cause drooling and jaw soreness
  • Pure sleep can’t be worn with full dentures  and loose teeth
  • Discomfort: It can cause soreness in the jaw at first use, and adjustment period takes a few nights of consistent use.
  • Teeth and gums can get sore as well like get braces or a retainer for the first time.

Snoring might not be uncommon among women and men, but is clearly an issue considering the number of people who are looking several methods to stop snoring. You can choose from jaw straps, nasal strips, pillow, herbal medicine, oral devices. Is usually more comfortable than CPAP machines, and it is totally noninvasive compared to surgery. So if you are looking for an effective anti-snoring device, you can’t go far wrong with this nicely priced. This video might help you understand a little better the importance of sleeping and some of the health benefits of doing it.